Preventing tumbles


Along with accidents involving falling or being caught in between objects or surfaces, tumbles have some of the highest rate of occurrence. Tumbles that require four or more days of leave from work are referred to as tumble accidents, and these account for about 20% of all occupational accidents.

About 62% of tumble accidents that took place in 2009 resulted in serious injuries requiring one month or more of leave from work. Caution is essential. Of those accidents classified as falls, about 10% involve tumbling off of staircases, so they are similar in kind to a tumble accident.

「Tumbles can occur to anyone and at any time, so they tend to be written off as “a slight stumble” or “being in a rush.” This causes insufficient preventive measures to be taken, which can cause the recurrence of a tumble accident. However, properly understanding the causes of tumble accidents and taking measures to prevent them can reduce this risk.

Let’s learn about tumble accidents and help prevent them in the workplace.


  1. What is a tumble accident?
  2. Occupational accidents
  3. Tumble accidents by industry
  4. Tumble accidents by age
  5. Body decline associated with aging
  6. Sites of tumble accidents
  7. Causes of tumbling
  8. Accidents by cause of tumbling
  9. Classification of tumble risk factors
  10. Basics of tumble prevention
  11. Concrete examples of tumble prevention


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